In Home Dog Training

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In Home Dog Training

It is ideal to choose in home dog training. This means in your home, in your yard and neighborhood and other places you frequent with your dog.

The reason why is because this is where you and your dog spend your time. This is where your dog exhibits the good, the bad, and the ugh behaviors. And by the way, so do you.  I have an uncanny knack of seeing behaviors, relationships to situations and personalities and needs/desires.

Why in home dog training

You are setting solid foundational training you are then able to build on the rest of your lives together.  Your dog NEEDS to be given guidance TO LEARN the desired behaviors you want to have in the home, at the door, in the car, the neighborhood, the park, other people’s homes and in fact – everywhere.  But most of all, you want it where you spend most of your time together.

The training begins immediately when I ring the doorbell and knock at your door.  Socialization, manners, obedience, communication, and connection are interwoven and you move smoothly and quickly to become a team.  I invite you to create a punch list of all the things you’d like addressed from our time together.  We will systematically move through them to you and your dog’s satisfaction.  Typically the session is an hour.  You are given homework to practice until the next session.  This keeps you moving and growing together as you develop and refine your new skills.

We cover all things dog that relates to you and your bestie. This includes reviewing your dog’s health and well-being, exercise and lifestyle, diet, toys, family dynamics, grooming, dog gear, and loads more.  Ask me anything.  Dog is my favorite topic and if I don’t have an answer, I’ll get it for you.

Friends and neighbors will be asking what caused the marked improvement in you and your dog.  You are moving as a team and you both are happier! How did it happen?  You become the neighborhood expert.  Cool huh.  Share what you are learning.  Help others in their relationships with dogs.  It’s exciting and rewarding to help others.

My specialty is giving you what you need to succeed in relationship based dog training

I can help if you have only one thing you want addressed.  I’m a canine behavior specialist.  My goal is to give you the tools, ensure you understand and are comfortable and then help you as much or little in person as you desire.  You will not be sold on a package.  Our goal is the same – RESULTS; from kind, clear, consistent, step-by-step communication with your dog.  As a client, you have free access to call me and get clarity, adjustments to training, encouragement and attaboys.  Your success is my success.

OH, I almost forgot to mention…you and your dog will be MARVELOUS together because of the respectful relationship you develop with each other.

If you seek a professional for your in home dog training who is kind, experienced, compassionate, patient and can assist you as an individual to your specific needs, then call me to schedule coaching. We’ll get it done while having a good time and your dog will love me.


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