Jan 162015

“Dr. Cathy Alinovi, a veterinarian in Indiana stated she often sees dogs and cats with gastrointestinal problems and no explanation for their illness other than the food they’re eating.
“My motto is that 80 percent of what walks into my clinic is fixed through food,” Alinovi said. “This data really help veterinarians to say that there are common, everyday foods that have common ingredients that could be causing health problems.””
Full story: http://www.foodsafetynews.com/2015/01/16000-consumer-funded-test-finds-alarming-contamination-in-pet-food/#.VK1UECfLE44

What can you do to care for your pet’s health?
Make your pet’s food using quality ingredients.  There are many guides on preparing pet food.  So many in fact it can become overwhelming and confusing and often contradicting.  To help you out, we’ve already spent years reviewing many of these books.  Here are two recommendations to get you started to being a hero with your pets:

Martin Goldstein, D.V.M. has an outstanding book “The Nature Of Animal Healing”.  Read the first 100 pages or so to cover important guidelines on pet health, including feeding.  Dr Goldstein shares what he does to provide his pets with radiant health and longevity.  I’ve put my dog on this program and quickly the butt scooting impacted anal glands, bad breath, tartered teeth, dull coat, and scratchy dry skin all disappeared.

Now I see vibrant health; shiny coat, great skin, pearly white teeth, clear eyes, nicely muscled, no fat, good energy, and loves me and mealtime.

Dr Goldstein favors a cooked meal.  He shares how to make bulk amounts.  I put the meals in quart freezer bags and pull them out as needed.  This reduces cooking and keeps the food fresh.  Adjust the volume to fit the size of your pets and number of your brood.

“Raw Dog Food” written Carina Beth MacDonald, offers one of the best raw food books I’ve seen on the market for the regular person.  Most raw food books get so technical you have to be a scientist to read it, let alone prepare meals without shopping the world for specific ingredients.   Carina’s approach is logical and easy to get started.  This is a good starting book if you want to go raw.  I had my dog on raw and he loved it!

Just like us, pets experience food fatigue.  Imagine if you were served oatmeal every meal.  I have done food plans so limited that before day 30 I was over it!  Remember who your best friend is and the unconditional love and devotion you receive from them.  Change their meals up and provide variety!  These books are excellent references to get you going on providing nutritious and healthy and safe food for your beloved pets.

Try a 30-Day Challenge with your pets diet.  You will be AMAZED at the positive change in your pet’s health and vitality. A healthy pet’s body can resist disease.  As Dr. Cathy Alinovi says, “80 percent of what walks into my clinic is fixed through food”.

The bottom line for folks who say, “Whoa! I’m not a millionaire!  This sounds expensive! “  What you save are medical expenses for anal glands being expressed ($10-50 per visit), teeth cleaned ($150-550 every two years), and the gastro-intestinal upsets, skin and coat problems, injuries, etc ($50-150 per visit, without tests).  Providing healthy food is a fantastic investment.  Good nutrition helps your dogs body maintain excellent health.  This makes your pet, and you, much happier.  And your dog thanks you for not needing to have extra vet visits.

Several of my friends have recently made the transition in food and they are delighted with the results! Share your experience with leaving the processed pet foods behind.

Jun 302014
Missi before, bald

Missi before with bald spots

Amazing discovery to grow luxurious fur on your dog My friend Tami in Atlanta has a cute little Eskimo dog named Missi. Missi starting losing her coat a few years ago. (See “before” picture taken in December 2010 with groomer.) Tami consulted with the vet and they tried every medical solution to no avail. Then a friend suggested she try another dog food suggesting Missi was missing some needed nutrients from her diet. Although Missi was fed one of the top premium dry dog foods available, Tami picked up some wet Caesar’s dog food. Missi was fed her premium dry kibble and a couple of teaspoons of Caesar’s wet mixed together twice a day. Soon her bare spots began to have peach fuzz. A few months later her bald spots disappeared.   A few months more and her coat filled out so much that she had a coat of fur beyond anything she ever had before. In fact, Missi has a coat like a plush toy! Her coat now needs to be thinned out it is so thick. (See “after” picture taken June 2014.)

We are not saying that Caesar’s dog food is a miracle food. However, if your dog is dealing with fur loss, look towards making a change in diet. It is so great to be able to note such improvement from diet and not drugs.

Can you tell Missi is 15 years old? She looks marvelous!

Missi after

Missi after diet change


(Dr Pitcairn’s Healthy Powder Mix is a wonderful coat and skin supplement and appeared in the March Issue of Angel Dog Newsletter.)