Jun 302014
Missi before, bald

Missi before with bald spots

Amazing discovery to grow luxurious fur on your dog My friend Tami in Atlanta has a cute little Eskimo dog named Missi. Missi starting losing her coat a few years ago. (See “before” picture taken in December 2010 with groomer.) Tami consulted with the vet and they tried every medical solution to no avail. Then a friend suggested she try another dog food suggesting Missi was missing some needed nutrients from her diet. Although Missi was fed one of the top premium dry dog foods available, Tami picked up some wet Caesar’s dog food. Missi was fed her premium dry kibble and a couple of teaspoons of Caesar’s wet mixed together twice a day. Soon her bare spots began to have peach fuzz. A few months later her bald spots disappeared.   A few months more and her coat filled out so much that she had a coat of fur beyond anything she ever had before. In fact, Missi has a coat like a plush toy! Her coat now needs to be thinned out it is so thick. (See “after” picture taken June 2014.)

We are not saying that Caesar’s dog food is a miracle food. However, if your dog is dealing with fur loss, look towards making a change in diet. It is so great to be able to note such improvement from diet and not drugs.

Can you tell Missi is 15 years old? She looks marvelous!

Missi after

Missi after diet change


(Dr Pitcairn’s Healthy Powder Mix is a wonderful coat and skin supplement and appeared in the March Issue of Angel Dog Newsletter.)

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