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O’Neal teaches communication skills in a loving and easy manner. People are taught how to provide clear communication their dog will understand clearly. People learn how to read a dog’s communication of their needs and wants. A bridge of communication develops. A relationship built on trust, love and respect is made with your dog. A wonderful, solid foundation is created. You will build on this relationship for the rest of your days together.  You can have an incredible friendship with your dog. Lucy and O’Neal got along great and Lucy took to her methods of training perfectly. A true animal lover – which shows in her training.  I could not recommend her enough. You and your dog will definitely benefit.
– Madalyn & Jeff

Our dog is like our child.  We wanted to train her and went with a major pet resort. We found their methods shockingly brutal and ineffective. We were very pleased to meet O’Neal. She took our confused and unruly companion in her boarding/train program. Our dog is now happy, trained and well mannered. The change in her was unbelievable. We really appreciate O’Neal’s kind, effective approach to dog training. O’Neal patiently taught my wife and me to work with her using the gentlest of touch. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Definitely chose Angel Dog for training!

Kota training

What People Say…Chester is a 5 ½year-old dog with numerous challenges, not the least of which was a lack of confidence. Our family and friends cannot believe the transformation that has taken place. Chester is now a pleasure to be around the house and he has become a reliable dog. He has learned to obey commands, not out of fear, but out of a sense of pride and respect for himself and for me. I highly recommend Angel Dog.

The training was logical and was customized to Frannie’s learning curve.  It was very helpful to understand the psychology and behavior in order to improve her obedience levels.  Thank you for helping us lay down a foundation from which to build on. Fundamentals are so important.  I recommend O’Neal to every new puppy owner I meet. New habits and tips learned in training affect her everyday behavior – it’s much more pleasant!
– Mary Laura

I learned to open a path of understanding that I never knew could exist between a person and a dog. I would highly recommend O’Neal as the ideal trainer.
– Tom

O’Neal really cares about what she does and makes sure that you and your dog are happy and satisfied.  I really appreciate that she customized training to cover my concerns , which I don’t think other trainers would have had enough knowledge (or care enough) to do.


We highly recommend Angel Dog. Our year-old retriever, Hannah, was out of control and even after basic puppy training, we could not seem to figure out how to make her the model dog. Our veterinarian explained that even though we had successfully trained smaller dogs in the past, we were going to have to learn different methods with Hannah. Hannah learned much better socialization skills and appropriate house manners, and we learned how to lead her to the behavior we want in a gentle, loving way. We like the calm, kind approach taught by Angel Dog. Our only regret is that we did not sign up for the program when Hannah was very young so that we could have set the correct patterns early on. Thanks Angel Dog!
-Tommy and Wally

Noel had horrible separation anxiety.  She is now doing much better. I highly recommend Angel Dog.

O’Neal is absolutely fantastic.  We needed to have our dogs trained prior to the arrival of our baby in 6 weeks. Rona, our high-strung weimaraner, settled into a calm, confident routine as O’Neal taught us the tools and methods to modify our dogs behavior. Both dogs have incredibly well adapted and continue to do so in a new atmosphere of calm and love.

My dogs were out of control before O’Neal came. Now they are well behaved and a pleasure to have around-in the house and out in public. I highly recommend Angel Dog-it should be a prerequisite as a dog owner.

I recommend her for anyone to get the best training possible. It is truly amazing what she can do.  She is dedicated and very loving in her work. If you have a problem she has the solution.

Nikki really loves you and I’ve always believed that dogs don’t give their attention frivolously.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  She’s so much better and I owe that to you. I was encouraged by how you would tell me “she’s almost there, just be patient.”  Nikki is a different dog. She loves you and I can’t thank you enough.  You have restored my faith in trainers.

We had a very spoiled yorkie and her behaviors had become so unbearable we didn’t enjoy having a pet and discussed finding a new home for our 11 year-old dog. O’Neal came and in 2 months our relationship changed into 100% more calm and enjoyable. The course fee was a small price to pay for such a huge return on our investment-our own health and well being!
-Robyn and Trip

Above and beyond the call of duty in helping Pluto and I.  I really appreciate that O’Neal changed her whole program and customized it to cover my concerns.  O’Neal really cares about what she does and makes sure you and your dog are happy and satisfied.
– Kristine

O’Neal did an incredible job training my wild child Border Collie mix into an extremely well-trained, happy and consistently obedient companion.
– Lauren


Excellent Training!!
– Christina