Mar 082018

Tucker's Recall

Raw Basics LLC, with its Tucker’s branded, raw, frozen pork-bison pet food, is recalling this product after Nebraska officials found a sample to be contaminated with Salmonella.

Seek medical attention immediately if you or your pet is experiencing adverse reactions from handling or eating this product.

I’m posting the recalls to bring attention to the false sense of comfort and safety people have around processed pet foods.

Yesterday I was in conversation with two people regarding their pet’s food.  One makes fresh dog food from human grade ingredients.  The second person said “no way!”

One dog has dull eyes, excess weight, sluggish energy and “loves her Bil Jac and wolfs it down”.

Yet as the conversation continued it was noted that the dog with the home-made diet is in radiant health- gorgeous coat and skin, bright eyes, white teeth, nicely muscled, alert, fit, and happy.  This dad shared he resisted making the home-made for a year and now that he does make it says it isn’t that difficult and the benefits are significant and far outweigh his previous reasons to avoid.  It’s easy to see why in the radiant health and well being of the dog.  Plus previous health problems are no longer present – teeth in need of vet cleaning, impacted anal glands, irritated skin, dry, dull coat. Plus you don’t see all the benefits internally that affect the health and longevity of your beloved pet.

I encourage everyone to review your pet’s food and ask yourself if a change would be a good idea. I’m putting together a webinar in the near future to provide an overview of homemade and answer your questions on making the change.  Keep an eye open for the invitation.


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