You are living proof of how a gentle hand, a caring soul and a heartfelt desire to enhance the quality of life for these little creatures can work miracles.  Angel Dog is clearly the Harvard Graduate School of training.
– Virgil

I adopted a 2-year-old dog (Gabriel) from a local adoption group last December having not parented a dog in over 8 years. Luckily O’Neal was here in Asheville to assist me in the training of this young guy. I knew that I wanted to approach the training with love, care and positive reinforcement and that’s exactly how O’Neal works with both the pets and the owners. Having watched her work her magic with Gabe in teaching him the basics in just a few weeks, walking on lead, healing, sitting, staying I was amazed. Then, of course, she walked me through the paces too so that I understood how to be with Gabe in a way that supported his growth and bonding with me. In just a very short time, two months, he adjusted beyond my expectations. He can walk without leash and stay right with me. He is a superb trail dog always staying within a 10-15 ft. distance to me. When called he comes immediately and sits at my feet. I take him everywhere I go and people are constantly commenting on how well mannered he is. I wish I could take the credit but O’Neal is the one that deserves all of it. As a trainer she exhibits such patience and care with him while reinforcing his good behaviors with constant praise. I couldn’t ask more from a dog trainer. She has given me a 4-legged friend that will be able to join me wherever I go without fuss or struggle for many years to come. He is an angel. So I guess her business, Angel Dog is rightly named. I am very, very thankful for her style of training. Oh, and if I ever have questions she makes herself so available to help. Again, she wants the most for the animals she’s been entrusted with.
Thank you O’Neal.
Best friends forever,
– Robert

I cannot say enough positive things about working with O’Neal as a dog trainer and animal communicator. She is an extremely gifted, breath of fresh air.  She is gentle, intuitive, thoughtful, so loving, knowledgeable and completely a natural with my dog, Kayla, as well as, every other animal I have seen her with over the years!  I trust her and love recommending her to my friends. 😉
– Nicole

Several months ago, a dear friend brought home a medium sized dog from the local Rescue Shelter. Arc was timid, frightened, and lacking in social skills. O’Neal Scott was asked to train Arc. From the outset I was struck by the kindness and care she demonstrated in both calming Arc down and bringing out his delightful personality. There was an immediate trust between the two.  O’Neal was concise and particular in her commands but never overbearing or negative. At the same, she worked with those in the house and close friends who might care for him at times. A rapport was built up and Arc blossomed. Now neighbors have asked to take Arc on walks and he seems quite comfortable with everyone. Today, Arc is no longer afraid. He has trust and immediately responds to commands. He is thriving and is completely different from that little dog that came from the shelter. I’ve also had the experience of O’Neal working with cats. She is intuitive and capable of clear communication. Recently I got a cat from a shelter. Her name is Tookie. O’Neal has helped me to help Tookie to adjust. Even from long distance she has been a joy to work with. Her love, care, and deep understanding of animals has helped so many. I highly recommend her to anyone.
– Liz S.AJ

Gentle hands, positive thought and a strong will are the most descriptive methods O’Neal used in training Max. In most popular books and the ever present “hand me down advice” from all your best friends, all dogs can be trained or have their behavior modified. However, it seems most of those methods were more likely based on a heavy hand and dominance, perhaps working against a dog’s natural instincts or breaking its spirit. O’Neal taught Max and me to work together in building a learning relationship responding to each of
our needs. My need for response and control and his need for love and respect are equally satisfied. O’Neal taught Max and I how to communicate through a variety of techniques that are simple, subtle and effective building blocks in the proper interaction between my dog and me. He learns to trust in me implicitly and I can rely on him to respond immediately to my commands. When the two of us are in form it’s like poetry in motion. However, when it counts, you can really expect the pet you love to stop, lie and stay when their own life may be on the line and not just hope for the best! Angel Dog provided the tools and training taking the relationship I have with Max beyond what I thought. Max is attentive, eager to please, in the best spirit, doing what he does the best: being a dog, loving it and me at the same time. All of this accomplished with the gentlest touch and positive thought.

O’Neal of Angel Dog is an excellent trainer. Her balanced approach uses a sensitive, empathic understanding of dog psychology and behavior to structure a disciplined and encouraging training environment for dogs and their owners. O’Neal taught me how to communicate directly, clearly and consistently with my dogs Kodi and Tate. Her program focused 100% on building my understanding of what my dogs are telling me and on how best to communicate my expectations of them. The program uses 100% positive support and encouragement. O’Neal does not tolerate punishment or criticism of any dog-regardless of its behavior. O’Neal is also unnervingly intuitive; at times it seems as though she is reading a dog’s mind-not their body language. She does the same with you. For me, her subtle insights into my relationship with Kodi and Tate were always accurate and often dumbfounding. She does not train your dog for you; she trains you in how to work with
your dog to create the relationship you want. You’ll be given homework to complete before each session with O’Neal and will be held accountable for its completion. Her obvious love of her work and of dogs and her special ability to communicate with this species make her training program special indeed. I highly recommend Angel Dog’s service to anyone interested in building a caring, strong, cooperative, respectful, fun and-above all-loving relationship with their pet.

This is a letter of the highest recommendation for dog trainer O’Neal with our chocolate lab. For 48 hours, our pup Brownie ate, slept and behaved very calmly. She was very intelligent and in one night the crate routine was a winner. She was very independent. We patted ourselves on the back for making such a fine choice. At approximately hour 49 of our ownership, our lab “Brownie”, experienced a transformation. My hands, arms and legs bled daily. She was a very oral dog and this was not only inappropriate play, I was beginning to worry if she was an aggressive animal. She would circle me during play time and lunge and bite at me. This whole
situation worried us greatly as we have a child and children are in our house daily. We were also very disappointed because we had waited 6 years for a dog and this pup was for our 11 year-old son. Brownie was extremely dominant. From a litter of 12, I would bet she was top dog. She would hold a stare and do as she pleased. Even our vet commented on her dominant behavior as a puppy.  (He has also since commented on her dramatic turnaround.) A close friend and fellow dog owner highly recommended O’Neal and Angel Dog.
O’Neal responded immediately and came out for a visit. Fortunately, Brownie exhibited her worst behavior during this meeting. We started training. While I won’t bore you with the details, I can tell you that O’Neal’s methods of training, support and bonding with both Brownie and our family were the only reason Brownie succeeded as a valued member of our household. Brownie is now 9 months old. She is the perfect dog for our family. She is loving, obedient, and plays appropriately with all children, adults and other dogs. She is a favorite among the neighborhood families. She has bonded with our son. To see her now, you would never believe what we experienced in her earlier months. Brownie remains very proud, however, of her 2002 heavyweight title of “One of the Top 3 Toughest Pups to Train” awarded by Angel Dog. I would welcome the opportunity to share our story with you and provide even more praises for this talented, gifted woman, O’Neal.