Jun 302014

Trainer's Choice: FURminator (Cuba before)

Trainer’s Choice Product Review: FURminator
Tired of dog fur in your house, car, clothes, and yep, even your food?
This is a MUST HAVE grooming tool. The FURminator has come down dramatically in price and has many styles to choose from for your individual needs. Dogs love to be groomed with the FURminator. Dogs become happy little wet noodles and often fall asleep while you gently brush and brush. Cuba, a pint-sized schipperke is with me and I’m told at 6 years of age she has been brushed about 3 times. She had a bulky coat and was panting. (Top image)IMG_2999

I got the FURminator out and you can see by the pictures she had a huge amount of dead coat on her! (Middle image with her collar next to the fur pile) What comes off is the dull, dead fur and what is left is beautiful, healthy and shiny coat. She is much more comfortable and her panting has reduced. I brushed her for 2 hours on the first day and got twice her size of fur in a pile. I brushed Cuba the next two days until the “gray rabbit fur” was all gone.

Look at her now! Cuba has a cute little body you can see now. (Bottom image) You and your dog will LOVE this Trainer’s Choice top tool!

Trainer's Choice: FURminator (Cuba after)







Trainer's choice: FURminator

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