Global Energy Work Practitioner for pets and all animals

Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB)

Learn What Your Pet Can’t Say That They Need You to Know!


What happens to you when you your pets are ill and need to get medical help?

Is being able to provide care to help your dog feel better and in the greatest ease important to you?

When your pet needs medical care such as surgery or taking medicines or attend to special needs, do you want to help them move through the process more quickly and naturally?  

Do you want your beloved pet to be happy and healthy and do what can be done to prevent the need for a vet?

Do you want to give back the unconditional love to your pet including natural, safe methods to support their health and joy and longevity?

Animals can and do communicate what they need, how they feel and what they can’t speak out loud. They need you to know these things. Do you need someone to help you access these important messages? 



O’Neal Scott is a Master Dog Trainer of 40+ years experience. O’Neal was inspired by a lifetime of working with animals: training and competing with dogs and horses, and training dogs professionally. Her obvious love, care and passion for animals, and their family, to enjoy a wonderful life together, leads her to explore methods to enhance the lives, health and well-being of beloved pets.

Announcing Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) Energy work for pets and animals.

O’Neal Scott trained under Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte, BVSc(HonsII), holistic veterinarian of 24 years experience, and the founder and senior teacher of the Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) Method. O’Neal completed the course qualifications, case studies and a final assessment review of her skills with a dog over 8,000 miles away to be awarded the title of Global Practitioner of Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) Energy work for pets and animals. O’Neal is able to work with all animals with WEBB Energywork – from mice to elephants.

O’Neal Scott is available for local treatments for animals and for distant sessions via video conference.

Be the person of your dog's dreams.

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