WEBB Energywork Course LIVE ONLINE Oct 29, 2022

O'Neal Scott Licenses teacher WEBBO’Neal is leading the Whole Energy Body Balance Energywork Course LIVE Oct 29, 2022. Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to become a practitioner of natural integrative healing and preventative care for animals.


O'Neal ScottWhen everyone’s happiness and pleasure matter. Respectful, attentive, loving, positive, and kind relationship dog training. It’s fabulous to have and beautiful to behold. The best of the best. Available in Asheville and Online.

Wellness Body & Energy Work Sessions

Angel Dog HomeWhole Energy Body Balance Treatments benefit the health and well-being of your beloved pet. These all natural treatments stand alone and integrate well with veterinarian care and other healing modalities for an improved degree of care and comfort.




Trail Trained

Angel Dog HomeWhether you live in the area or visit our incredible Blue Ridge Mountains and WNC, learn how to best enjoy trails with your pup.



Angel Dog Sound Socialization

Angel Dog HomeThis essential training is used daily by breeders, service groups, rescue groups, and in the home to help pets live a calm, happy life in our sound stimulating world.

Wedding Event

Lovely bride with precious dogWhen you want to include your beloved pet in your special events, you want expert care you can trust.