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You can have the dog of your dreams.  Enjoy an outstanding, loving, and trusting relationship taught by dog training expert O’Neal Scott.


Is there a new puppy addition to your family?  Do you have a loved dog of many years and the two of you could use updated training? Experience and share a harmonious life together. Dogs bring such joy to our lives. Dogs are most eager to please and pay close attention to their people and communication. Over the years I’ve seen what is often missed – dogs need to be helped to understand what it is we want of them. Often the messages given are not clear and consistent resulting in frustrated people and a confused dog. 

Years of experience of looking through both a person’s eyes and a dog’s eyes I’ve gotten to see and know what, how, where, when and why dog problems happen. Barking, digging, jumping, running off are often symptoms of a deeper problem of lacking clear communication and training. Because I’ve been dog training for decades, I’m able to quickly identify the dog (and team) challenges, address and solve them. As a master trainer I observe the obvious and the subtle signs. As with every profession, excellence is in the details.

Inexperienced trainers give solutions to the symptoms and while you feel good for a few days or weeks the underlying concern is not addressed and everyone continues to suffer with behavior problems.

The key is getting to the source of the issue, modify for success, and many behavioral concerns simply fall away. The pleasure of being a dog family returns and everyone enjoys a much happier and rewarding life. Call 828 772 9161 to schedule your personal success appointment.

Did you know that most dogs turned in to the pound and rescue centers suffer from behavioral problems? These are not bad dogs. Recent studies show 98% of dogs were not given the training to help them be valued members of the family and community. Dog training is not rocket science. (Wink).  It’s great technique and consistent, kind training to lay a solid foundation of loving care creating an environment where your dog learns to trust you and turns to you for guidance. You get a dog focused on you, responsive and eager to please, and wants to share an incredible relationship with you. Imagine how good that feels for everyone. It’s FABULOUS.

Signs you can use some training help with your dog:

*Yelling at your dog as he runs away.
*Repeating commands over and over and over.
*Your dog is afraid of you.
*Frustrated and even angry at your dog.
*Crating your dog for hours.
*Dog lives in the backyard often alone.
*Top canine behavior concerns  (barking, aggression, chewing, jumping up, digging, door darting, running off, begging for food, destructive behavior, fear of noises, unruliness, inappropriate elimination).

Whatever the pain points are for you and your dog’s behavior are often easily and quickly solved. Click here to schedule change.

Who’s the most popular? Your dog!

A person who has excellent communication skills, is kind, patient, consistent and has top techniques in dog training knows the pleasure of a happy responsive dog. This team is easy to recognize. They are best friends. Where you see one, you see the other close by and engaged with each other. A relationship like this draws attention and others take note because as a team you stand out. Outstanding canine manners are greatly appreciated by all. You receive compliments. Yes you do. MANY. Doors open. Your dog is so popular that her presence is requested. You begin to feel your dog is more popular and loved than you are – and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Dog love. It’s the best “feel good” and so rewarding. Schedule your coaching session now.

Private Training, Individual Counseling & Training, Dog-Owner Counseling

You and your dog may have issues or you may simply want assistance training while you are on vacation. It may be ideal to choose in home dog training. This means in your home, in your yard and neighborhood and other places you frequent with your dog.

The reason is because this is where you and your dog spend your time. This is where your dog exhibits the good, the bad, and the ugly behaviors. And by the way, so do you. Over the years I have developed a skillset of seeing behaviors, relationship obstacles, situations that can be smoothed out to everyone’s satisfaction, even personalities aching for expression and draw out needs and desires to take relationships to the next level.

You are establishing solid foundation training. From there, you are able to build on a platform built on trust and teamwork for the rest of your lives together. Your dog NEEDS to be given guidance TO LEARN the desired behaviors you want to have in the home, at the door, in the car, the neighborhood, the park, other people’s homes and in fact – everywhere. And you want to spend most of your time together relaxed and at ease.

Training begins immediately when I ring the doorbell and knock at your door. Socialization, manners, obedience, communication, and connection are interwoven and you move smoothly and quickly to become a team.  You are given homework to practice until the next training session.  This keeps you moving and growing together as you both develop and refine your new skills as a team. Plan a few 10-15 minute trainings daily.

We cover “all things dog” that relates to you and your dog. This includes reviewing your dog’s health and well-being, exercise and lifestyle, diet, toys, family dynamics, grooming, dog gear, recommended training tools and loads more. Ask me anything. Dog is my favorite topic!  

Friends and neighbors will be asking what caused the marked improvement in you and your dog. They witness you working as a team and you both are happier! How did it happen?  You become the neighborhood expert. Cool huh. Start now.

“…Gentle hands, positive thought and a strong will are the most descriptive methods O’Neal used in training Max…” 

Xavior R

“In most popular books and the ever present “hand me down advice” from all your best friends, all dogs can be trained or have their behavior modified. However, it seems most of those methods were more likely based on a heavy hand and dominance, perhaps working against a dog’s natural instincts or breaking its spirit. O’Neal taught Max and me to work together in building a learning relationship responding to each of our needs.  My need for response and control and his need for love and respect are equally satisfied.

O’Neal taught Max and I how to communicate through a variety of techniques that are simple, subtle and effective building blocks in the proper interaction between my dog and me. He learns to trust in me implicitly and I can rely on him to respond immediately to my commands. When the two of us are in form it’s like poetry in motion. However, when it counts, you can really expect the pet you love to stop, lie and stay when their own life may be on the line and not just hope for the best!

Angel Dog provided the tools and training taking the relationship I have with Max beyond what I thought. Max is attentive, eager to please, in the best spirit, doing what he does the best: being a dog, loving it and me at the same time. All of this accomplished with the gentlest touch and positive thought.”

Xavier R

My specialty is relationship based dog training.

I can help if you have only one thing you want addressed, or a laundry list. I’m a canine behavior specialist. My goal is to give you the tools, ensure you understand and are comfortable and then help you as much or little in person as you desire. Our goal is the same – Results. Given with kind, clear, consistent, step-by-step communication with your dog. As a client, you have free access to call me and get clarity, adjustments to training, encouragement and Atta boys.

You and your dog will be marvelous together because of the respectful loving relationship you develop with each other. Science-based training, relationship training, and positive training are selectively utilized to get the best from you and your dog. The world’s best training is here now waiting for you and your dog to get started. I have a full toolbox of methods to work from as an experienced trainer with decades of dog and people training.

If you seek a professional for your in home dog training who is kind, experienced, compassionate, patient and can assist you as an individual to your specific needs, then call me to schedule coaching. We’ll get it done while having a good time. 

Board Training In My Home, Done for You
This is a popular service for working professionals, busy families, and folks who decide this is their preferred method. For many people this is the ideal training program. A happy trained and attentive dog is delivered back to you and provided transfer training brings you together. I’ll do the work and you can take the credit. I’m very flexible so bring your special requests.

We are simply the best. “The Harvard School of Dog Training” as quoted by a discerning client who had seven trainers before Angel Dog. We succeeded where the others failed. This is not an uncommon experience. Don’t give up on the dog or the relationship. Get an expert trainer. Call now to schedule your training.

Socialize your dog for quality of life

2019 update  with additional training for specific needs for an even better experience and results.

Socializing your dog is a vital component of training to achieve a calm, relaxed dog in life and environments she will be exposed to. 

It is of the utmost importance to provide training in every possible social situation including other dogs, animals, places, sounds, smells, people, equipment, plus, plus, plus. 

Starting just weeks after birth is ideal to get sound socializing started. If your dog received it – GREAT! 

And whether or not your dog received early socializing, ongoing training is necessary, the same as other training, to keep it in place. Use it or lose it is true in dog training. 

Be the person of your dog's dreams.

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