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You can train a dog with obedience and manners and enjoy an outstanding, loving, and trusting relationship.

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New puppy addition to your family?  A loved dog of many years? Experience and share a most rich life together.  Dogs bring such joy to our lives.  Over the years I’ve discovered what is often missed – dogs need to be helped to understand what it is we want of them.  Dogs are most eager to please and pay close attention to their people and communication.  Often the messages are all over the board resulting in frustrated people and a confused dog.  

Years of experience of looking through both a person’s eyes and a dog’s eyes I’ve gotten to see and know how, where and why dog problems happen. Barking, digging, jumping, running off are often symptoms of a deeper problem. Your challenges are quickly identified and solved.

Inexperienced trainers give solutions to the symptoms and while you feel good for a few days or weeks; you guessed it, the underlying concern is not addressed and the family continues to suffer behavior problems. By getting to the source of the issue, many behavioral concerns simply fall away.  The pleasure of being a dog family returns and everyone enjoys a much happier and rewarding life. Call to schedule 828 772 9161.

Did you know that most dogs at the pound and rescue centers suffer from behavior problems?  These dogs were not given the training to help them be valued members of the family and community.  And dog training is not rocket science.  (Wink)  It’s basic consistent kind training to lay a solid foundation of loving care creating an environment where your dog learns to trust you and turns to you for guidance.  Imagine how good that feels for everyone.

Here are signs you can use some help with your dog:

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A happy, healthy, loved dog!

Yelling at your dog as he runs away.
Repeating commands over and over and over.
The dog is afraid of you.
You are frustrated and even angry at your dog.
Crating the dog for hours.
Your dog lives in the backyard often alone.
You experience one or more of the top behavior concerns (barking, aggression, chewing, jumping up, digging, door darting, running off, begging for food, destructive behavior, fear of noises, unruliness, inappropriate elimination).
What’s the pain point for you in your dog’s behavior?

End the suffering. Bring on the joy of dog love.

A person who has been trained in dog training knows the pleasure of a happy responsive dog.  This duo is easy to recognize.  They are best friends – besties.  Where you see one, you see the other close by and engaged with each other.  A relationship like this draws attention and others take note because as a team you stand out and as a dog, outstanding manners are greatly appreciated.  You receive compliments.  Yes you do.  Doors open.  Your dog is so popular that her presence is requested.  You begin to feel your dog is more popular and loved than you are – and you wouldn’t have it any other way.  Dog love.  It’s the best feel good and oh so rewarding. Schedule your training now.

In Home Dog Training

It is ideal to choose in home dog training. This means in your home, in your yard and neighborhood and other places you frequent with your dog.

The reason why is because this is where you and your dog spend your time. This is where your dog exhibits the good, the bad, and the ugh behaviors. And by the way, so do you.  I have an uncanny knack of seeing behaviors, relationships to situations and personalities and needs/desires.

Why in home dog training

You are setting solid foundation training you are then able to build on the rest of your lives together.  Your dog NEEDS to be given guidance TO LEARN the desired behaviors you want to have in the home, at the door, in the car, the neighborhood, the park, other people’s homes and in fact – everywhere.  But most of all, you want it where you spend most of your time together.

The training begins immediately when I ring the doorbell and knock at your door.  Socialization, manners, obedience, communication, and connection are interwoven and you move smoothly and quickly to become a team.  I invite you to create a punch list of all the things you’d like addressed from our time together.  We will systematically move through them to you and your dog’s satisfaction.  Typically a session is an hour.  You are given homework to practice until the next session.  This keeps you moving and growing together as you both develop and refine your new skills.

We cover “all things dog” that relates to you and your bestie. This includes reviewing your dog’s health and well-being, exercise and lifestyle, diet, toys, family dynamics, grooming, dog gear, recommended training tools and loads more.  Ask me anything.  Dog is my favorite topic and if I don’t have an answer, I’ll get it for you.

Friends and neighbors will be asking what caused the marked improvement in you and your dog.  You are moving as a team and you both are happier! How did it happen?  You become the neighborhood expert. Cool huh.  Share what you are learning.  Help others in their relationships with dogs.  It’s exciting and rewarding to help others. Learn more here.

Dog and human loveMy specialty is giving you what you need to succeed in relationship based dog training

I can help if you have only one thing you want addressed, or a laundry list.  I’m a canine behavior specialist.  My goal is to give you the tools, ensure you understand and are comfortable and then help you as much or little in person as you desire.  You will not be sold on a package.  Our goal is the same – RESULTS: from kind, clear, consistent, step-by-step communication with your dog.  As a client, you have free access to call me and get clarity, adjustments to training, encouragement and Atta boys.  Your success is my success.

OH, I almost forgot to mention…you and your dog will be marvelous together because of the respectful relationship you develop with each other. And for those of you wondering…yes, it is science-based training! The best of both worlds training is here for you and your dog.

If you seek a professional for your in home dog training who is kind, experienced, compassionate, patient and can assist you as an individual to your specific needs, then call me to schedule coaching. We’ll get it done while having a good time.  We’ll become friends and your dog will love me.

Simply the best “Harvard School of Dog Training” as quoted by a discerning client who had seven trainers before Angel Dog. We succeeded where the others failed. Call now to schedule your training.