Angel Dog specializes in relationship building with your best friend. 


“You are living proof of how a gentle hand, a caring soul and a heartfelt desire to enhance the quality of life for these little creatures can work miracles.  Angel Dog is clearly the Harvard Graduate School of training.” – Virgil S

Understanding your dog’s thought process, behavior, and outward communication are key tools you want to know.

O’Neal offers over 40 years of interacting with dogs and observing dog behavior, and that amount of time working with dogs and people. Then add the care that comes to you and your dog in personalized training. Angel Dog is called the Harvard school of dog training for the extraordinary care given to the clients. This knowledge, skill and care will enable you to make positive training decisions. Your dog will happily respond to your positive, loving, clear and consistent communication.

The relationship building, coupled with the best training skills, creates success and a win-win situation for all. The focus is on your specific needs.

Dog Training Services


Puppy Training Basics and Socialization (Birth to 3-4 months)

Angel Dog Puppy Specialist, Oxford with toyIntroductory puppy basics and socialization are critical steps to create a solid foundation for a lifetime of a happy dog and family. Whole families are encouraged to participate!

There is not “one way” to train every dog.

Many methods and considerations are utilized to ensure your success. As you and your canine companion move forward in your training the methods progress keeping everyone interested and continually growing. All training techniques are gentle, humane, and effective.



Dog Obedience Training, Manners, & More Socialization (3-4 months +) Training Eva

It is suggested that obedience training for most breeds begin around the third or fourth month. This is the period of fast learning and positive learning for dogs. It is easier on
everyone to train during this period of life.

Puppies are not born with the instinct of behavior you desire. They are like children needing patient guidance and reinforcement of desired actions. It is easy to see the difference between a house where the dog is well mannered, and the house where the dog has the leadership role and creates the rules.

Of course dogs and people can learn later in time. Training may involve having to unlearn problem behaviors with a dog who has developed his own independent ideas and possible fears. Although puppy-hood is the ideal period for training, older dogs can be responsive learners too.

Many types of training are available. We can train you and your dog together, individually at a park, classroom or your home.  We offer group classes too. Or for those who do not have the time, patience or are in need of the fastest results, Angel Dog™ will train your dog for you and then transfer the training over to you.  (More people are integrating their vacations and travel with dog training. The benefits to you are top training and care for your dog in your home and neighborhood while you are worry free on a trip.) Reserve early particularly during summer and winter holiday seasons.)  Just ask and we can create a program specific for you.

We focus on precision training steps. This means your dog is where you want them and the response is what you desire and expect. Precision gives performance. Sincere praising reinforces the desired behavior.

We regularly hear people share how they didn’t know they could have the relationship they developed with their dog. Clients are amazed and thrilled. And their companion is thrilled too; clear communication, getting invited to participate in more of their family’s activities and life, and gentle, loving, respect from their family makes them happy dogs. It is an incredible win-win for everyone.

Advanced Dog Training (All ages, prerequisite of foundational training.)

Advanced dog trainingHave you seen the person at the park who calls and calls their dog to come and the dog eventually comes by and then heads back to the dog play? He came, and then went. A well-trained dog will promptly and swiftly come and sit directly in front of you, fully focused on you for further directions.

Once you have the basic obedience skills with a 6’ leash, additional classes are available to take you and your companion further to distance with long leash, off leash, teamwork, precision fine-tuning, preparation for eventing, and more.  Call for evaluation and consultation of advanced training specific to your needs.



Behavior Modification Specialist For Dogs  AJ

Undesired behaviors can be addressed and corrected quickly. Angel Dog™ can assist in modifying behaviors from the regular jumping, digging, running off to those unusual or challenging behaviors like chewing through the wall and hurting himself in fear of thunderstorms, eating one of every pair of your shoes, or standing on the master bed and peeing while you watch.

O’Neal knows dogs and why they do the things they do. And she knows how to help you change those behaviors into ways of being you desire. Call now!

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I have worked with other trainers in the past. O’Neal is far superior to my previous experiences. Her gentle, but firm techniques were remarkably effective. I would recommend Angel Dog to anyone who really wants a wonderful pet! -Sherry

I am extremely happy with the quality of training provided by Angel Dog. I was taught how to communicate with Zeus, and was able to open up a path of communication that I never knew could exist between a person and a dog. I would very highly recommend O’Neal as the ideal trainer. -Thomas