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Sound Socialization for Fireworks Program

Sound Socialization Program for Fireworks

Does your dog have a history of anxiety, fear, phobia, or terror when fireworks go off?

Do you want to prevent your puppy from becoming sensitive and susceptible to developing a fear of sudden loud sounds that studies show often grows over time?

Has your pet run off in fear, injured himself, or required veterinary care as a result of negatively reacting to fireworks?

Are you ready to say yes to a better system providing a LONG TERM PROGRESS with life-changing benefits?

O'Neal Scott Licensed teacher, practitioner Whole Energy Body Balance

“This program is wonderful. Brandi is calm and relaxed. She is much happier. I am much happier.”
Teri L.

“My dog yawned and stretched out and relaxed !!
I feel calmer and more relaxed, and less reactive to my dog after your session today.”

Sara C 

“Thank you again O’Neal, I love your way of teaching, I’ve really enjoyed your Energy.” Rory H.

You’ll learn the best methods and techniques to address the source of your dog’s noise aversion, anxiety, phobia, trauma, and panicking of fireworks.

The program is new!

Announcing: A program combining Angel Dog Sound Socialization Training with Hands-on Somatic Relaxation Techniques.
Addressing a dog’s sound fear naturally, while deepening your relationship.

Sound Socialization for Fireworks Program


Pets quickly welcome it

Pet enthusiasts quickly embrace it

This hybrid program quickly results in positive changes for both.

Gently, holistically deepens your bond and trusting relationship.

Sound Socialization for Fireworks Program

Helping you, your dog, or other animals enjoy a better life, naturally.

~Group hands-on practice included.~


Sound Socialization for Fireworks Program

Attend LIVE training session with your pet. Only $69