O’Neal Scott

I was born into my gifts with animals.  So it’s no surprise I landed into a family that adored animals. We always had an assortment of animals around and I learned early on the responsibility and respect these creatures deserve.  After all, they were family and my dear friends and playmates.  I have loved being in relationship with them and we grew together.

O'Neal Scott 4H Champion and trainer

Champion at 15 years old with Queenie

Growing up in the mid-west we had 4H with yearlong programs preparing to show our skills.  Mine always included horse and dog events. My interest continued to expand.  Professional dog trainers sought me out and gave generously of their time and talents.  I was nurtured. I was guided. All done with such love and care.

That passion has continued to grow.  I’ve spent years studying animal behavior, learning how their minds work and how to develop a dog’s willingness to give.  My focus includes health, nutrition, body care, mental, emotional health and specialized training. I’ve had decades to  develop hands-on skills helping animals and their human companions enjoy a delightful life together.

I’m a certified Master Trainer from third generation Master Trainer Don Anderson of Chicago, IL (And later in Atlanta, GA.) I continually seek additional education and experience to better serve local clients, online training services, rescue groups, breeders and service dog groups.

Every individual I work with is just that – an individual.  No cookie-cutter process.  Your specific situation and needs are assessed and best steps to success are implimented to help your team bond and thrive. You receive the highest level of care.

I can communicate with dogs and implement change.  I talk with people in a down to earth, understandable way.  I can walk you from problem to solution, provide you with hands on and coaching help to implement change.  This provides you with the tools and knowledge of empowerment.  (Additionally I can train your best friend and transfer the training over to you.)

A loving and respectful relationship beyond anything you thought possible is achievable! Building a loving and respectful relationship with your dog leads to a friendship like no other. Enjoy open communication and the pleasure of a happy, responsive dog!






O'Neal Scott and Gabe - connection achieved