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Quality gear is really important to me as I rely on gear as a partner. Gear can elevate your performance. Alternatively, incorrect or poor gear can limit or downgrade your abilities and skillset. Gear also aids in clear communication with your canine partner. As a trainer who focuses on less is more, proper gear allows for gentle sensitivity between the team. I have found over many years that training gear may make a huge difference in communication and performance.
I spent a great deal of time searching for a harness for a specific dog and job. Fit, function, quality, material, performance, durability, safety, artistry (I have an attraction to gorgeous gear), and ease of use were the factors used as I searched and reviewed hundreds of dog harnesses online.
I chose the Dog Harness by Dongguan Bingo Pet Products Co. as my first draft pick. Check out the video review with my thoughts and impressions and see what you think of this gear.

Rating: 10/10
I don’t want to create a spoiler alert by giving the details. Watch the video and learn why Dongguan Bingo Pet Products Dog Harness ranked 10.