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The Harvard School of Dog Training

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You are living proof of how a gentle hand, a caring soul and a heartfelt desire to enhance the quality of life for these little creatures can work miracles. Angel Dog is clearly the Harvard Graduate School of training.

Virgil S

Dear Vet:

I am writing to share with you O’Neal Scott, the founder of Angel Dog Inc. and a dog trainer with over 40 years of experience with all breeds of dogs and in every circumstance you can image.

I had the pleasure of working directly with O’Neal after my 7-year-old blue heeler underwent a very successful TPLO surgery. Normally happy-go-lucky and generous with my other blue heelers, the stress of her restrictive recovery generated some issues for us all. O’Neal’s abilities never ceased to amaze me during the one week in home training she provided.

O’Neal showed me useful and simple solutions to our household dynamic. My dogs loved the changes and rapidly went from running the show to looking for the next instructions. As a first time dog owner I went from not knowing what to do, to being the leader of this pack. I had watched countless hours of online dog training courses and NOTHING can compare to the transformation I experienced with O’Neal.

During that time, I learned what it means to truly care for a dog’s well-being. Having practiced as a chiropractor for 33 years I knew a lot about caring for and motivating people but was clueless about how to engage and motivate a dog to her healthy and obedient potential.

O’Neal as a certified energy work practitioner provided sessions for the dogs. The post surgery healing went much smoother and faster as she relaxed! I also noticed how much quicker her recovery went with less pain. The dogs also released trauma from the behavior problems and we are now willing and well on our way with new, healthy methods and behaviors we all love.

I am sure you have seen countless situations like mine, someone who dearly loves their dogs and is overwhelmed by behavior issues with no tools to humanely, lovingly and from a point of leadership move into harmonious existence with their canine companions. As you know there can be severe emotional and financial consequences to some canine behavior problems. My wish is that no one ever have to experience that kind of heart break when there is such caring, experienced and professional dog trainer to remedy a situation or better yet avoid it all together with early training.

I highly recommend O’Neal and I am sure your clients will be exceptionally pleased with the results she can train them to achieve.

Marie C