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Welcome to the training! This truly is one of the BEST gifts you can give to your dog and your family. Angel Dog Sound Socialization creates a calm, relaxed, confident dog that brings enrichment to the entire family.

Please begin by following these steps for use to counter-condition, desensitize, or habituate your puppy or adult dog:

Listen to training track #1.

This is your introduction to the training, an overview, and many tips and suggestions to make sound socializing your dog easy, fun and successful.

From there you will be guided to the training module specific to your puppy dog’s needs. (Training tracks 2-5)

The remaining training tracks are the sounds. Follow the training specific to your dog’s needs. Below is a general outline of steps:

  1. Select trigger sound track from the list. Begin with an easy one to gain success for you and your dog. As you train, it is helpful to use one track at a time. As you progress you may play the whole CD if you have a young litter of puppies or if you are involved in a long lasting pleasant activity for your companion. (An example is doing something your pet loves. My dog loves to hike and I can play the whole CD while on a remote trail while paying attention for responses.)
  1. Select a positive reward. Mealtime is a good choice for most.
  1. Begin with the sound barely audible. The goal is no response from your pet.
  1. You want to be present, calm, relaxed, and in a pleasant mood during training. Watch discreetly and carefully to note any response to the sound.
  1. Praise during and at the end of the training period for their calm behavior. Stop training immediately if negative or fearful responses are displayed.
  1. Log the details of the training for reference.
  1. Stay with one soundtrack until you achieve a normal sound level in your environment or “real-life” exposure.
  1. Once you have completed the training, it is recommended that you maintain the training weekly to keep your dog familiar and calm. For some dogs, once a month will suffice. Like other training, if you do not revisit it regularly the training tends to fall away.

Socialize your dog for quality of life

Socializing your dog is a vital component of training to achieve a calm, relaxed dog in life and environments she will be exposed to. 

It is of the utmost importance to provide training in every possible social situation including other dogs, animals, places, sounds, smells, people, equipment, plus, plus, plus. 

Starting just weeks after birth is ideal to get sound socializing started. If your dog received it – GREAT! 

Join the course and be trained with the creator of this program, get answers to your questions, share the experience with other like minded dog owners, and have shared discussions on socializing.

Join our professional’s choice sound socializing training here.



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