Dog's favorite rewards increase performance.

What’s in a reward? It is key to a vibrant and happy relationship for all.  Here’s a quick look-

Examples of a prized reward:
Freeze-dried Beef Liver (AKA Doggie crack)
Dog park
Playing in the water
Grooming love fest

Here’s a recent client’s list of her dog’s valued items/activities:
Diego’s List – (in order)
– Hikes
– Car Rides
– Walks
– Treats

Taija shares “Knowing and using Diego’s valued rewards has added greatly to quality training in creating a happy and bonded team.”

It’s good to have a list and post it so others can know your dog’s valued motivators.

Good use of rewards can make the difference between “I don’t think so” to your request and turn it into stellar performance with enthusiasm! Joyfully, easily and with a desire to repeat again and again is the way to train!

Please share your dog’s list.  We may get new ideas for our dogs 🙂