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Outstanding socialized behavior & able to be with you everywhere. You and your dog are relaxed and at ease.

Welcome to Angel Dog Sound Socialization! 

This training is a huge leg up for your dog to enjoy a good life in our sound-stimulating world. You will certainly notice the way life differs for dogs who are calm and confident responding to loud sudden sounds verses those who react negatively.

You have chosen to give your dog a better life. Bravo! Now let’s get started. 


Download Instructions

If you are unfamiliar with ZIP Files, or downloading to devices, please read these helpful instructions.

Your new Angel Dog Sound Socialization Digital Download arrives to you as a zip file. The reason for this is because the file is so large the only way to send it was to bundle the parts together and compress them to send.


  1. When you receive the file it will be downloaded to your computer.
  2. Choose “Save File” if a download window pops up.
  3. You can find it (or save it) either in the Downloads folder or on your Desktop.
  4. Once you locate the zip file, double click on the icon/folder and it will open up to a file you are then able to open and use.

The Sound Socialization Program is made up of 2 files: mp3 Audio & Documents:

mp3 Audio:

  1. You can drag and drop or copy and paste the audio folder to your preferred audio player on your computer. (It is recommended you create a playlist to keep the collection together.) This often is Music or QuickTime Player. (In some cases you may need to open the audio folder and select all the individual tracks, copy, and then paste in the player, or drag and drop all the tracks.)
  2. You are now set to play from your computer.
  3. You can download the playlist to your handheld device, which makes it even more convenient to use. Simply connect your phone, tablet, iPod to the computer and transfer over.

CD Packaging – front cover, back cover, and inside panels. Instructions for training.


Please contact us directly if you need additional assistance:



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I recommend O’Neal for anyone to get the best training possible. It is truly amazing what she can do. She is dedicated and very loving in her work. If you have a problem she has the solution.

Connie C

Socialize your dog for quality of life

Socializing your dog is a vital component of training to achieve a calm, relaxed and confident dog in life and environments she will be exposed to.

It is of the utmost importance to provide training in every possible social situation including other dogs, animals, places, sounds, smells, people, equipment, plus, plus, plus.

Starting just weeks after birth is IDEAL to get sound socializing started. If your dog received it – GREAT!

And whether or not your dog received early socializing, ongoing training is necessary, the same as other training, to maintain the training. Use it or lose it is true in dog training. 

ADSS Download

Be the person of your dog's dreams.

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ADSS Download
ADSS Download
ADSS Download
ADSS Download
ADSS Download
ADSS Download