Commitment to lifetime dog ownership
Angel Dog Inc announces the 2020 early year launch of new programs designed specifically to address the top reasons dogs are removed from their homes and surrendered.  We’ll be addressing the top obstacles on the front end, so there is greater retention for the dog to stay within their family unit and thrive.

O’Neal Scott shares “I’ve been watching the trends for decades and there is a reduction in the number of euthanized dogs. However, the number of surrendered dogs dropped into a system doing it’s best to provide shelter, stabilize and re-home the dogs is still way too high. Many dogs just don’t fare well in the systems and it’s meant to be a temporary solution at best. Yet there are dogs who spend years languishing in crates and runs without a home and family. Solutions and information are coming!” (See statistics here:

Angel Dog has committed its resources and hours in the process of creating programs and systems to work with both adopters and adoptees. The commitment to this new program of duel focus will result in increasing the number of puppies getting adopted into a lifetime family from the start. We plan to start small and get all the programs on point and strong results and hold firm the long-term goal of the substantial reduction in the number of surrendered dogs.

We are passionate about our love and care for dogs and their families. We have exciting plans and would love to share them with you!  For further information on these programs as they develop, go live and grow, Sign-up here.