People aggression to dogs


Vocalization in the form or barking or growling is communication! The best choice in the moment is CURIOSITY. What is the dog sharing and why? Look for clues- are they facing something or someone or looking at something? Is there someone or something new or unusual in the area? Are you doing something that is scaring the dog or exciting the dog? Perhaps delivery people are suspiciously racing to the door and running off. Often barking or growling are alerts. “There’s something going down here and it’s important so I’m speaking up about it right now. Please pay attention!” Choosing curiosity allows you to be open and responsive thereby avoiding a reactive and often inappropriate harsh stance to the situation once viewed carefully. In this manner you have the ability to see the big picture, assess what your dog is sharing and then you can CHOOSE POSITIVE ACTION. You were curious and able to stay on high ground with your beloved and create the positive outcome to mold desirable behavior from the dog or another individual. This method gives CARE and responsibility to your best friend and others involved, and the ability to see things from their perspective and then address how to best handle and mold new behavior to be in harmony. This also develops compassionate wisdom usable in many areas of life.  Share about an experience where you used curiosity to make thoughtful choices to ensure a positive outcome and build on it for the future.

Do you question your dog's VOICE?

Do you know the best response for ideal results while keeping your dog’s trust?

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