People aggression to dogs



Many dog families mistakenly expect a dog to somehow know how to fit into their home life perfectly with no help at all.

It’s a setup for failure.

And the reason over 90% of surrenders at shelters was described as “behavior problems”. Get positive relationship training for every member of the household and the pets.

The recipe for joy & harmony:

  • Post a list on the fridge of words or commands understood and known by pets.
  • Use positive training and regularly review individually and as a family event – make it fun!
  • Consistency matters.
  • Include pets in the good things in life.
  • Get professional help if living with your pet isn’t a wonderful experience for all.

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Does your dog know the house rules?

Take time to orient new members of your family and train or review desired manners and ways of the household for a happy life for all.

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