How to Help Your Pet Adjust to Their New Home

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Talk with your pet about their new home

A delightful way to help your new dog adjust to their new home is to prepare in advance by placing and hiding wonderful items in open areas in their home and outdoor environment. I tether my buddy to me by a leash for the first 24 hours so we are together during the first “get to know you and the new home” stage. Talk and share how happy you are they are with you and how life works here. “Here is where your food and water bowls are, here is the bedroom, and look – here is your new bed and a toy. This is the door to the back yard and over here is where you go to the bathroom and potty. Look, here is a treat! I’m your best friend and you can count on me.” – Angel Dog

Read the whole article in Redfin, September 10, 2020 by Julia Weaver