We have had massive thunderstorms and rain for the past number of days. After one particularly loud clap of thunder I noticed Gabe reacting by dropping his head and leaving the room. Time for Sound Socialization recurrrency training.

So yesterday on our hour-long joyful hike exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway trails I played Sound Socialization’s “Thunderstorms” to expose my best friend again to the sounds and re-establish a POSITIVE IMPRINT.

For good measure and in anticipation of the 4th of July we also listened to “Fireworks”. I love the convenience of iPhones and iTunes to play the tracks anywhere. Gabe is being trained to be calm when sudden, loud sounds erupt while he is having fun and doesn’t even know he is getting trained. How awesome is that!!

Gabe is now back on track with these sounds and no longer worried. And I’m not worried either. This is a big deal. I’ve had companion dogs in the past who were terrified of fireworks and the 4th of July WAS MISERABLE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.

Is your pet prepared for the summer THUNDERSTORMS and the BIG DAY of LOUD FIREWORKS?

Take the Fireworks Challenge with your pet-

If your pet displayed no response – AWESOME! Bring on the 4th of July CELEBRATION!!

If your companion reacted to the sounds, he can benefit from Sound Socialization training because he has sound fears. Recent study results showed 66% of dog families reported their dog has sound fears. It is simple to modify this behavior and create calmness when these sounds are heard. Get Sound Socialization Training and help that pup!

I know, I know…you could spend that amount of money towards a swell and ridiculous outfit for your dog, or a 30-second-life squeaky toy before being gutted. But hey! Instead, why not choose the well being of your pet and his quality of life? (And yours!)

And, because I love animals SOOOO much, I’m giving a 20% discount through June so fearful animals can get the training to help them overcome their sound fears. (Use coupon code “BOOM” to get your discount.)

Sound Socialization training is perfect for young pups too – prevent sound fears by socializing them on the front end.

There is still time to begin socializing your pet to the loud, explosive sounds of fireworks – order Sound Socialization now. Wishing you and yours a joyful 4th of July!