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Angel Dog Sound Socialization (V 2019)

Socialize your puppy gently and positively to triggering sounds he will encounter in today’s world. Essential professional training provided to develop a positive imprint and not a fear imprint. Keep your puppy safe during the critical 4-month vaccination period while providing sound socialization training safely in your home.
For use with adult dogs in both training and counter-conditioning sound sensitivities, fear responses, or phobias.
Help your dog develop healthy responses to the loud world we live in today.

CD version

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Angel Dog Sound Socialization

Rated OUTSTANDING by top canine professionals.
Chosen by breeders, rescue groups, humane societies, training clubs, service dog groups, training groups and more.

Angel Dog Sound Socialization™ Training includes the essential training methods to imprinting success.

  • Gentle, loving, and effective training.  Deepen the loving relationship with your pet.
  • Create a calm and confident puppy or dog.  A well-behaved, socialized dog is welcomed by more people and in more environments than a non-socialized dog.  Here is a key to opening up your dog’s life to a fulfilling life.
  • Counter-condition an anxious dogs reaction to thunderstorms, fireworks, sirens, gunshots, children and more.  Help the sound reactive dog, and you, to a better quality of life.
  • Prepare your dogs for show, trial, and being a canine good citizen.
  • Breeders – socialize puppies for everyday life while providing added value to your clients.
  • Discover all your dogs sound sensitivities and help them overcome the fears to provide your dog an improved quality of life.  A must for adopted dogs.
  • Gently acclimate kennel/outdoor/rescue dogs to household sounds.
  • Introduce your dog to airport sounds before their travel so they can enjoy a more relaxed easy journey.
  • Hunters can keep the dog and train out the sound fear of gun-shy dogs.
  • For use with other animals. (Horses, cats…)
  • Over 126 individual sounds known to trigger dogs and grouped in tracks by categories.

Included in the package:

  • Audio training by master trainer outlining specific step-by-step instructions to make a positive imprint with puppies.
  • Audio training by master trainer outlining specific step-by-step methods to safely and effectively counter-condition dogs with sound phobias.
  • Convenient print reference guide of training and tips.

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